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What is Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell Therapy)?

Regenerative medicine is an exciting and revolutionary field in medicine. Regenerative medicine heals injuries by growing new healthy tissue with the potential to fully repair damaged tissues. There is a high success rate in healing bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue, and nerve injuries with regenerative medicine. Our therapies meet the needs of patients who still have pain after traditional
treatments like physical therapy, rest, NSAIDs and pain management.

Whether you have been the victim of an automobile accident or a simple slip-and-fall, our medical practitioners can be your allies in the fight against lingering pain from your injuries.

Health Benefits of Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell Therapy)

  • Accelerates joint repair
  • Reduces pain
  • Increases bone density
  • Reduced risk of adverse reaction
  • General and local anesthetic not needed
  • Increases functionality, range of motion, flexibility
  • Reduces muscle compensations and risk of future injuries

An Alternative to Invasive Surgery

Surgery is a very invasive procedure and you will take a long time to heal. There are several risks associated with any invasive surgery:

  • Permanent loss of mobility
  • High risk of infection
  • Irreversible
  • Permanent loss of function

An Alternative to Steroids

Steroids are widely used to provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation. Steroids however, have the follow effects on your body:

  • Cortisone degrades bone density and cartilage over time
  • Eventually, worsens/speeds up the joint degeneration
  • Can’t do more than three times Regenerative medicine is steroid free and doesn’t weaken joints or muscles that leads to progressive and harmful arthritic changes. Regenerative medicine is safe for unlimited uses but only requires one injection and gains are permanent rather than temporary.


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