Bradley Forbes, DC

Executive Director located in Mesa, AZ

About Dr. Forbes

Dr. Brad Forbes experienced his first chiropractic adjustment because of headaches he suffered after a rugby injury in high school. After that incredible experience, he decided he wanted to help others in the same way by becoming a chiropractor.

Dr. Forbes studied at CSU, where he took courses such as chemistry, biology, and basic anatomy and physiology. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he worked with patients in the Palmer College Public Clinic.

He has a philosophy of practice that embraces skepticism. Because of his experiences as a patient, he understands the importance of explaining every step and action to his own patients, helping them understand the benefits of chiropractic adjustment. Patients respond to his forthrightness and communication skills.

Dr. Forbes is the father of two children, Jade and Shamus. He is passionate about his family and his health. He regularly sees his own chiropractor, and focuses on exercise, healthy eating, and other wellness pursuits.


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