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How Physical Medicine Can Help You

What is Physical Medicine? phys med 1

At CITY Health Services, we offer an entire suite of services to help our patients feel their best. Let our staff of doctors and therapists thoroughly evaluate your physical function and develop an individualized program to address your overall health. We leverage Dr. Vladmir Janda’s upper- and lower-crossed syndromes in which muscle tightness and weaknesses are assessed, and then modified to reach a state of proper posture, balance and reduced pain. We most commonly see patients who suffer from poor posture, and degeneration resulting from improper ergonomics, repetitive motion, and trauma as a result of automobile accidents or sports injuries. Physical medicine includes massage, physical therapy and chiropractic:

  • Massage Therapy – We find it beneficial to incorporate massage to release tension and ease muscle pain prior to providing treatment. Relax, and allow one of our licensed massage therapists to prepare you for the rest of your visit.
  • Physical Therapy – Our physical therapy team can assess your physical function and then provide a regimen of stretches and exercises to help improve mobility and regain functionality. In office, provide passive modalities such as ultrasound, electrical stim, infrared, and the application of kenesio tape, as well as one-on-one, hands -n assisted stretches and exercises. The best results are attained if patients combine in-office treatments as well as home care components.
  • Chiropractic – If you frequently suffer from headaches, neck or back pain, chiropractic adjustments may help. Chiropractic treatment can allow your body to heal naturally, by realigning the spine to improve nerve function.

Related Treatment Options

We have physical medicine treatment options beyond braces and pain medications. In addition to the services listed above, we find it beneficial to incorporate other treatments to alleviate and manage pain:

  • Allergy Testing and Treatment – At CITY, we typically test for allergies as part of your initial visit to the office because one of the most basic, yet overlooked, causes of inflammation in the body is due to allergic reaction.
  • DME’s (Durable Medical Equipment) – We offer an assortment of medical-grade braces to help support injured knees, backs, elbows, and ankles. Braces can provide support and temporary relief from injured joints. We pre-authorize this equipment with your insurance, so the is typically covered.
  • Medical Weight Loss – Carrying extra weight can add stress to joints and muscles. At CITY, we have medically supervised weight loss programs to assist our patients in losing the weight and keeping it off. Our basic program is designed for patients that have less than 20 pounds to lose, while the 4-month Life Change program is designed for patients who need to lose more than 30 pounds. The programs include exercise and dietary counseling, appetite suppressants, nutritional supplements, HCG and B12 injections, and weekly weigh-ins.

There are alternatives to pain medication and surgery. You can live a life free of pain. Let CITY Health Services partner with you to improve your functional ability and overall quality of life. Call or  to schedule an appointment today.

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