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Give for Thanksgiving and get 25% off!

Will you help us get into the Thanksgiving spirit? If you donate at least $20 to Saint Mary’s Food Bank by Thanksgiving, we’ll give you 25% off a 1-hour massage at CITY Health! Here’s how you can claim that offer, and also feel good giving back:

Thanksgiving pie with heart shaped crust

Donate at least $20 to Saint Mary’s Food Bank by Thanksgiving, and get 25% off your next 1-hour massage at CITY Health!

Step 1: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

We posted the link for contributions to Saint Mary’s Food Bank on our Facebook wall. So head on over to our new Facebook and Twitter pages, and follow us now! We’ll post updates throughout the month on the progress of our virtual food drive.

Step 2: Make a Donation, and We’ll Match It!

After you follow us on social media, just click the link posted to our Facebook wall, and make your minimum donation of $20 to Saint Mary’s Food Bank by Thanksgiving. Here’s the best part: we’ll match it! If you donate $30, we’ll donate another $30.

Step 3: Claim Your Offer

After you submit your donation to Saint Mary’s Food Bank, we’ll send you an email once the campaign has ended on Thanksgiving. That email will include a special offer code for 25% off your next (or first) 1-hour massage to CITY Health. Bring that code to your massage visit!

Step 4: Tell Your Friends

Help us spread the word. Share the news with your friends and family; they could get 25% off their first (or next) 1-hour massage at CITY Health too! Together, let’s get Saint Mary’s Food Bank the funds they need for the holidays.

Thanks for helping us give back to our incredible community!

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