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A Great Way to Boost Employee Morale and Health!

City Health Services has been providing FREE chair massages and pamper day events to local businesses, communities, and organizations for more than a decade!  These events are wonderful in that they provide these groups with an opportunity to offer their members a fun, safe event that promotes overall wellness and helps identify areas of treatment for stress and/or pain.  A special plus, if you didn’t see it before, is that these events are free of charge.


City Health Services Free Pamper Day Events are available for communities and companies within Mesa, Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Scottsdale,  Apache Junction, and other East Valley locations.  


Massage days are typically scheduled at a date and time that’s convenient for the employer or community.  Prior to the event, we’ll send out a promotional flyer and sign-up sheet to the activity coordinator.  The sign-up sheet/s break the event into 10 minute massage increments.  Depending on the number of people that sign up for the event, we will bring one or two massage therapists. At the completion of the massage, our Outreach Coordinator will talk about the individual’s experience, if there are any applicable treatment paths, as well as offer an opportunity to schedule a no-charge consultation with one of our physicians.

This is also a great morale booster for the office. Almost everyone walks away from a free massage happier than when they started.

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