Sanexas: Breakthrough Electrical Therapy

CITY Health Services is one of three medical offices in the state of Arizona to provide this extraordinary and life changing therapy to their patients. Sanexas treatment is the therapy you need to implement in your recovery program, especially if you are suffering from neuropathy or chronic pain. Dr. Bradley Forbes has made sure that CITY Health Services has this latest electric signaling device, because it fits in perfectly with our safe and hands-on approach to pain management. 


Neuropathy and Chronic Pain

For individuals who are suffering from neuropathy: damage of peripheral nerves; this inhibits the body’s ability to communicate with your nervous system. The sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves are not communicating properly with the electric current inside the body to work in unison with the brain. These nerves connect the Central Nervous System to the entire body. The damaged nerves typically cause numbness, and pain that causes a "pins and needles" type of sensation to the hands or feet. Patients with neuropathy are limited in range of motion, suffer from chronic pain, and have poor functionality in daily activities. The most common cause of peripheral nerve damage is from diabetes. However, physical trauma, vitamin deficiencies, infections, and injury through repetitive motions have been shown to cause neuropathy. In the United States 3 million people suffer from this disease in 2020. 



Common Neuropathy Treatment and Mistakes

The most common current treatment for neuropathy is the use of narcotics that fall into the opioid category. Oxycodone and Percocet are commonly used to give neuropathy patients pain relief. This is a HUGE mistake! The Opioid Crisis in our country is caused by individuals seeking short term pain relief, but fall into prescribed drugs that have more risks than their underlying condition. The use of narcotics gives the patient a short-term state of relief and sense of euphoria. Treating your pain with these types of medication causes a physical dependency, while only treating symptoms and not fixing the problem. NIDA estimated that 8%-12% of patients prescribed opioids will later develop an addictive disorder.


CITY Health Services is working diligently with our community to reduce the use of opioids and utilize safe physical medicine.


Sanexas: Safe, Effective and Non-Narcotic

The revolutionary device uses electric cell signaling to imitate, exhaust and interrupt neuron function. Every process in our body is controlled by electricity and this technology reprograms the electric functionality of your nerves. Sanexas is a physics-based practice, not chemical or invasive like many commonly used practices. The vacuum type cups placed on the skin send specific parameter signals to the body, the amount of electric current it produces will be based on the condition of the patient. 

The best part about this treatment is that it is not painful, invasive or addictive. Sannexas may be your answer to your neuropathy and better quality of life. 


Who Can Benefit From Sanexas

The SANEXAS Electric Cell Signaling Treatment treats (but is not limited to) the following:



Michael Cordiano

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