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Life changing weight loss

City Health Services life changing

weight loss program 

The “Life Change Program” is a 4 month program that not only helps you loose weight, but has a higher rate of success at keeping the weight off.  There is an easy 3 step system to get started.

  1.  The first step to our program is determining if our program is right for you. Scheduling a free consultation will be the first step, with no pressure and no obligation.
  2. We design a customized program that is right for your needs.
  3. Weekly one on one accountability visits to ensure your success.

The Key Components of Our Weight Loss Program

What is hCG?

Synergy Whey Protein

Synergy Formula One

metabolize fat.

Formula Two – Night Time Weight Loss

Synergy Advanced Probiotic

Synergy Life Change Program

Phase 1: “Lose Yourself!”

Length: First 30 Days

Caloric Intake: 500-800 a day

(exact number of calories based on your current BMR)

Included in Phase 1:

 Phase 2: “No Pain, No More Gain!

  Length: Remaining 90 Days

Caloric Intake: 900-1200 day

            (exact number of calories based on your current BMR)

        Included In Phase 2:

     Sign up in the month of May and take 25% off your program! 

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Best Medical Weight Loss in the Valley

Feel great with City Health Services' medical weight loss program! From specific diet plans to safe supplements to helpful accountability partners, the program is specifically designed to help you lose weight and keep it off!