How Physical Medicine Can Help You

Nurse helping person in wheelchair

What is Physical Medicine? 

At CITY Health Services, we offer an entire suite of services to help our patients feel their best. Let our staff of doctors and therapists thoroughly evaluate your physical function and develop an individualized program to address your overall health. We leverage Dr. Vladmir Janda’s upper- and lower-crossed syndromes in which muscle tightness and weaknesses are assessed, and then modified to reach a state of proper posture, balance and reduced pain. We most commonly see patients who suffer from poor posture, and degeneration resulting from improper ergonomics, repetitive motion, and trauma as a result of automobile accidents or sports injuries. Physical medicine includes massage, physical therapy and chiropractic:

Related Treatment Options

We have physical medicine treatment options beyond braces and pain medications. In addition to the services listed above, we find it beneficial to incorporate other treatments to alleviate and manage pain:

There are alternatives to pain medication and surgery. You can live a life free of pain. Let CITY Health Services partner with you to improve your functional ability and overall quality of life. Call or  to schedule an appointment today.

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