Avoiding Surgery with Regenerative Medicine

What is Regenerative Medicine?

This treatment is an exciting and revolutionary field in healthcare. Regenerative Medicine heals injuries by growing new healthy tissue with the potential to fully repair damaged tissues. There is a high success rate in healing bone, muscle, joint, soft tissue, and nerve injuries with Regenerative Medicine.

Referral MD, makes the claim that Regenerative Medicine is making rapid advancement in healthcare not just for its effectiveness, but for the pleasant patient experience


Why Amniotic Allograft?

At City Health Services, we use an amniotic allograft (stem cells, hyaluronic acid, growth factor, and cytokines) because it has the following advantages.

Alternative to Invasive Surgery 

Surgery is a very invasive procedure and takes a long time to heal. There are several risks associated with any invasive surgery:

Historically, narcotics or surgical intervention were the only options to treat these conditions. At CHS we are pleased to announce a new all natural treatment that can help pain management and treatment of joint dysfunction/soft tissue injuries without needing invasive surgery. 

According to Andre Terzic, MD., Ph.D., regenerative medicine addresses unmet patient needs. Regenerative Medicine is giving us a new understanding of how the human body can heal and that our bodies are in fact miraculous self healing machines.

 Alternative to Steroids 

Steroids are widely used to provide temporary relief from pain and inflammation. Steroids, however, have the following effects on your body:

 Regenerative Medicine is steroid free and doesn’t weaken joints or muscles that lead to progressive and harmful arthritic changes. 

This treatment most importantly is safe for unlimited uses but only requires one injection. Gains are permanent rather than temporary. 


When you come to City Health Services, you want to feel better fast, stay away from narcotics and avoid invasive surgeries. Our experienced team of physicians and massage therapists help patients in Mesa meet this goal. 

We believe that good health is one of the most valuable assets, and your healthcare provider should be your partner. We treat soft tissue injuries and joint dysfunction with physical and regenerative medicine using cutting edge technology.

Michael Cordiano

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