Allergy Season Is Here!

man sneezing

Spring is here. For some people, that means enjoying warmer temperatures and colorful blossoms. But for 1 in 4 Americans, it also means dealing with itchy watery eyes and sneezes. Seasonal allergies can make life miserable, but two-thirds of allergy sufferers deal with symptoms year-round.


One of the most basic, yet overlooked, causes of inflammation in the body is due to allergic reaction. That is why, at CITY, we typically test for allergies as part of your initial visit to the office. Once we pinpoint, address, and alleviate allergic reactions, the true problem areas become more evident and treatable.


Many people move to the desert to avoid exposure to allergens, but dust and pollution are unavoidable. Other common desert allergies include “Valley Fever,” caused by a mold which resides in the soil, pollen from trees and grasses, insects, food, and medication.

What causes allergies? Allergies occur when our immune systems develop antibodies to protect us from invaders such as bacteria and viruses. Sometimes, our bodies mistake harmless environmental intruders – like pet dander, pollen and dust – and develop antibodies to fight off illness. Aside from sneezing and itching, allergies can cause sleep deprivation, lower immune response, and lead to other ailments such as sinus and ear infections, lung infections, and pneumonia.


There are many ways to combat allergies. Be aware of pollen counts and avoid the outdoors when counts are high, wear sunglasses, take probiotics, stay hydrated, do laundry more frequently, leave shoes at the door, purchase a HEPA filter, bathe regularly (pets, too!), remove carpeting where possible or vacuum frequently, use wet mops, and take a daily allergy medication. But first and foremost, know your triggers!


Allergy testing is quite simple. Two tests are administered. First, small quantities of allergens can be applied to the skin – either on the back or the upper arm – and if red spots and/or swelling appear, there is an allergic reaction. Second, blood droplets can be acquired by pricking the fingertips. Once test results are assessed, allergies can be treated by subcutaneous injections and/or sublingual drops.

Don’t suffer through another spring – or summer, fall or winter. Find out which allergens trigger your allergy symptoms, and let CITY provide treatment to alleviate them. Call or click to schedule your consultation today.

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