5 Ways Massage Therapy Can Help Auto Accident Recovery

An auto accident is a traumatic experience and often leads to a physical injury. Even if you are lucky enough not to be injured physically, the emotional and mental stress can be devastating. After the accident you have the responsibility of insurance claims, paperwork and uncertainty. Based on numerous studies and research completed by Resource Pain Management, massage therapy can dramatically assist someone's recovery from an auto accident. 


  1. Massage Therapy Is Covered by Your Insurance

This includes personal injury protection (PIP). It's an amazing coverage! The policy will pay for the medical services to treat your injury from an auto accident. It's very likely that your insurance policy includes personal injury protection (PIP). That coverage means your policy will pay for a set amount of medical services to treat your injury following an accident. If you haven’t used the coverage for other services, it may well cover the cost of massage therapy.


  1. Recover from Back and Neck Issues

Whiplash, neck, and back injuries are the most common auto accident injuries. Pain, stiffness, and limited range of motion may occur after your accident. Our holistic approach at City Health Services knows how to relax your damaged muscles and restore your body to normal function.


  1. Relief from Headaches

A blow to the head from an accident in most cases in an auto accident can lead to a concussion. This blow to the head can cause chronic headaches for days, weeks and months after your accident. Our soothing massage therapy knows how to give you a relaxing massage that will release endorphins, allowing the body to relax and aid in your recovery.

  1. Emotional Stability and Help Anxiety

Even if you have not suffered a physical injury or your insurance does not cover your accident. It may still be in your best interest to destress and be balanced emotionally. Stress, depression, and anxiety can be helped by a massage because it can

  1. Safe and Effective Clinical Practice

What separates City Health Services Massage from other providers in the Phoenix Valley is that we are a medical office. Your massage treatment will be based on a clinical evaluation and x-rays (if you would choose to). 

Far too often do individuals with critical trauma seek massage care and get a cookie cutter service. This type of treatment isn't just below our standards, but it can injure you even more! We have a staff of licensed physicians and experienced massage therapists working together to get you fully recovered.


Michael Cordiano

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