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About Us | Downtown Phoenix Health Services

about-us-1Our integrated approach to medical physical therapy, conservative pain management, chiropractic rehabilitation, and massage therapy allows us to address many health issues with efficient therapeutic prescriptions.

Our convenient location in downtown Phoenix, with light rail access, and our commitment to valuing patients’ time and busy schedules, means we are able to provide what you need in terms of care without interfering with the other important elements of your life.

What’s Our Story?

Since 2005, CITY Health Services has been serving the Phoenix area. We focus on excellent medical services, with an expertise in physical therapy and conservative pain management. We provide chiropractic treatment when it is indicated for a patient’s overall wellbeing. Our practice also includes massage therapy. CITY Health Services is a healthy living destination for patients, who benefit from diverse services from top practitioners. CITY partners with patients and helps them make the choice to stay healthy for a lifetime.

If you are experiencing discomfort or looking for the best route to wellness, contact CITY Health Services today.

Our Philosophy: Relief and Wellness

The team at CITY Health Services believes that good health is among people’s most valuable assets. We also believe your health care providers should be your partners and allies. As such, we are committed to a holistic view of wellness. While we are skilled in providing physical therapy and conservative but effective management of pain and discomfort, our offerings extend to good, proactive health practices. Our health and wellness approach includes allergy testing with natural treatment and medical weight loss.

Get to know our team of Health Professionals:

Starting With Patient Needs

We specialize in conservative, yet effective pain management and rehabilitation for patients, and treat a wide variety of health conditions using multiple health care disciplines and the latest technology.

Often, when patients come to us, they are already suffering. We start with a fundamental approach: relief.

Our health care professionals can find the cause of pain, design a personalized and effective care plan, allow patients to play an active role in their own recovery, and encourage wellness and healthy living strategies long after symptoms have subsided.

Encouraging Ongoing Wellness with Care and Education

In our view, health is a shared journey. We want to accompany patients every step of the way, and help them understand the ways in which they can be their own advocates and take their wellbeing into their own hands. We encourage ongoing medical care, regular check-ups with providers, and counseling to help maintain healthy habits and lifestyles. Additionally, services like massage therapy can encourage deep wellness and relaxation.

Our best advice? Don’t wait until symptoms such as pain, adverse reactions to allergens, or general discomfort stemming from poor health appear. Get in touch with us today and we can help you design a path to overall health, including educational opportunities, resources, and caring practitioners. Together, we can abandon the sickness model, and create a model of wellness, instead.