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About Us | Mesa Health Services

At CITY Health Services Mesa (formerly known as Fiesta Chiropractic), we’re all about integration. What does that mean? We combine physical therapy, pain management, chiropractic rehab, and massage therapy to care for you—as a whole person. Consider us your LifeHealth Partner.

Our convenient Mesa location serves the East Valley by valuing patients’ time and busy schedules. We aim to work around your schedule, so you can concentrate on other important elements of your life.

What’s Our Story?Mesa Health Services in Downtown Phoenix

In 2005, CITY Health Services opened its doors in the Phoenix area. We expanded our services to the East Valley in 2014, when we merged with Fiesta Chiropractic and Fiesta Health Services to established our Mesa office.

Our focus is on excellent medical services, with an expertise in physical therapy and conservative pain management. We treat a wide variety of health conditions using various methods and the latest technology. Our staff includes MD‘s, PA’s, Doctors of Chiropractic, licensed massage therapists, and physical therapy technicians.

If you are experiencing discomfort or looking for the best route to wellness, contact us today.

Our Philosophy: Your LifeHealth Partner

When you come to CITY Health Services, you’re not just seeking medical care or physical therapy. You’re looking for that feeling of peace and well-being which only comes from someone who truly cares.

At CITY Health, we strive to be that “someone,” as your LifeHealth Partner at work. Good health is one of your most valuable assets; that’s why we use an integrated approach with a holistic view of wellness. We get excited to help you improve your overall health, and we hope you will too! Our goal is for you to leave our offices feeling better, happier and healthier.

Starting With Patient Needs

In order for our treatments to be successful, it all starts with the patient – YOU.

Often, when patients come to us, they are already suffering. We start with a fundamental approach: relief. Our healthcare professionals find the cause of your symptoms, design a personalized care plan based on your needs, and encourage you to play an active role in your recovery. We walk you through the healing process, promoting wellness and healthy living long after symptoms have subsided.

The Value of Integration

Issues in your shoulder may affect issues in your back, which may inhibit exercise and prompt weight gain. When it comes to treating a medical issue, you cannot isolate it from other aspects of your health.

We concentrate on the patient as a whole, integrating everything from physical therapy, pain management, massage therapy, chiropractic care and medical services. Through this approach, we ensure you won’t just recover; you’ll prevent future injuries or medical problems.

Contact us to schedule your consultation today!