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Integrated Health in Downtown Phoenix

Welcome to CITY Health Services

When you come to CITY Health, you’re not just seeking medical care or physical therapy. You’re looking for that feeling of peace and well-being which only comes from someone who truly cares. We strive to be that “someone,” as your LifeHealth Partner at work.

Our experienced team of medical practitionerschiropractors, and massage therapists helps patients in downtown Phoenix and Mesa feel their best. We believe that good health is one of your most valuable assets. We also believe your healthcare providers should be your partners and allies. As such, we are committed to a holistic view of wellness.

Starting with YOU

We treat a wide variety of health conditions using various methods and the latest technology. Yet for our treatments to be successful, it all starts with the patient – YOU.

We concentrate on your needs as a whole, integrating everything from physical therapy, pain management, massage therapy, chiropractic care and medical services. Through this approach, we ensure you won’t just recover; you’ll prevent future injuries or medical problems.

Transforming Your Health

Through an integrated approach, we believe it’s possible to transform your health.
Issues in your shoulder may affect issues in your back, which may inhibit exercise and
prompt weight gain. However, approaching treatment from a holistic view helps you
continue to improve your health, even after we’ve treated your injury or condition.

Our goal is for you to leave our offices feeling better, happier and healthier.

We can transform your health. Let us try.

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Located in Downtown Phoenix and Mesa

CITY Health Services

Phoenix: (602) 889-5830
Mesa: (480) 649-5297